Other spellings of Birkett

There are quite a few different ways to spell our surname. I spell mine Birkett, which is why this site is Birkett.com, but both the vowels and some of the consonants can change (I've been called all sorts of different things...), and it's still pronounced the same.

Here are a few additional entries which have been submitted, spelled differently − I'm very happy to include them, as we're almost family!

Name Location Email Home page
Birket Engineering Orlando, FL info@birkett.com
Brian Birket & Francine Bourduas Etobicoke, Ontario    
Carole M Birket Orlando, FL carole.birket@birket.com  
Christine Birket Orlando, FL christineb@birket.com  
Christine Birket Denmark    
Dale Birchett Yukon, Oklahoma birchez@cox.net  
Daniel S Birket Orlando, FL danielb@birket.com
Felisha M Birket Orlando, FL felisha@birket.com  
Fredrick Birket & Victoria Corbett Peterborough, Ontario    
Glenn A Birket Orlando, FL glennb@birket.com
Jacqueline A Birket Orlando, FL jackie.birket@birket.com
Jerald H Birket Orlando, FL jerald.birket@birket.com  
Jerry J Birket Orlando, FL jerry.birket@birket.com  
John C Birket Orlando, FL jc.birket@birket.com  
Jonas B & Silvia Birket, Kyle & Tristan Etobicoke, Ontario jonas@birket.ca, silvia@birket.ca  
Joseph H Birket Orlando, FL joseph.birket@birket.com  
Malissa Birket Redondo Beach, California Malissa411@aol.com  
Mary-Lou Birket Richmond Hill, Ontario    
Paul Birket & Caroline Crabtree & Sean Scarborough, Ontario    
Richard Birket Oxford, UK rich@birket.co.uk
Steven R Birket Orlando, FL steve.birket@birket.com
Wendy K Birket Orlando, FL wendyk@birket.com  

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